We’re Not Bottom

Let’s start this off on a positive note. For the last 12 minutes we had them beaten, Gilly got two goals, and we’re not bottom. Beyond that I guess there’s not much to say. It would have been nice to share the whole miserable experience with the BBC Essex commentators but ‘the powers that be’ deemed we could only manage half of such a thrilling encounter. How they knew which half was going to be the best to broadcast I’m not sure. Maybe they can tell us the lottery numbers too – that’s covered by the BBC as well.

Elsewhere it was a day of mixed fortunes for local clubs. The good news is that our leading scorer from last season was on target again and Ipswich still lost. The bad news is that the team from South Essex scraped a victory (and the whole match was covered live by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire).

I have to confess to being a member of the Luton Town Virtual Supporters Club (if indeed it really exists) for this season only. With the daft penalties imposed by the official bodies it’s only fair that someone takes pity on them. Just look at the bottom of League Two before today’s games:

What a ridiculous way to start a season. Mind you losing 2-4 away to Hartlepool isn’t all that impressive either. So here come the familiar sayings – ‘We’ve got it all to do’, ‘The only way is up’, ‘Wait till we play them at home’, ‘We’re not bottom!’.


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