Derby Day

Favourites today must be Southend as the home team, and also better placed in the league. However Colchester have some good recent form so the odds must be pretty close.  Two early goals from Southend were quite a setback and provided something of a hurdle to overcome. In addition the continual rain didn’t help.  I was listening to the first half on the car radio coming back from London on BBC Essex Medium Wave and heard the Colchester perspective from the familiar voices of Neil Kelly and David Gregory. When I got home I discovered that there were two commentaries available from BBC Essex – the Colchester experience on FM and one MW frequency while Glen Speller and Ben Fryer gave the opposing view on the other MW frequency and on digital.

In the second half I managed to take in both commentaries.  Kelly and Gregory had the edge for me – apart from being biased the right way their broadcast was about 3 seconds ahead of the other one! I could hear the other commentators in the background of each as well.  A great comeback by the Us to take a 3-2 lead but why do players celebrate by taking their shirts off? They know they’ll get booked. It’s irresponsible. Wordsworth will probably accumulate a few more cards and we’ll lose him for a couple of games later in the season.  I wonder if it happens in women’s football as well?

From the commentary it sounded like Colchester didn’t let up for the whole of the second half. What a performance. They’ve earned their sugar cubes today. I was going to say here that ironically the Southend commentary team felt that a draw should be a fair result – and seconds later, in fact in the final seconds of the game (5 minutes into 4 minutes of time added), they got their wish.  A defensive lapse yet again and the scores ended up level at 3-3.

Still, a great match for those who were lucky enough to be there and a great result for us considering table positions, home advantage and the weather conditions.  We’re set up for a fantastic return encounter at Cuckoo Farm in February to sort out ‘the best team in Essex’.


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    […] It’s what we’ve been waiting for all season.  We have unfinished business from back in November.  That’s the game to turn things around and get back on the ladder towards the play-off […]

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