Game 21 – Leeds

img_1682_webWhat a disappointment.  In reality Colchester never turned up for this one, even though a near capacity crowd turned out.  True, a third of them were from Leeds and they outsang the home support throughout.  Mind you they had more to sing about.

img_1699_webThe video screen attempted to add some interest by showing segments of the match live.  I’m not sure what was happening with that but it was annoying when the clock disappeared and a bit of live ‘action’ was screened.  It looked like some of the home players were watching the screen rather than their own game at times.

img_1695In the first half a couple of strange things happened with the crowd.  First of all the Barside ‘patch’ in the top corner of E8 was empty.  It was almost like that area was haunted by the ghost of the former Barsiders and the Leeds fans were afraid of going near it.  Then at the other end of the stadium those ‘formerly known as E8’ seemed to be herded into a corner of the Not-so-Noisy-North.  I wonder what makes the hard core of the home support want to gather in a corner of a stand rather than in the middle like all the travelling support we’ve seen.  Is it something to do with the way they have been leaning against the Layer Road structures for years ?  Have their bodies adapted in some way to create a lean-to-the-left?

img_1704_webAt least we have experienced something of a matchday event a couple of times in recent months with the visits of Southend and Leeds.  Sadly we seem to be getting on the end of a 0-1 scoreline all too often.  Seven times we’ve been turned over by this score at Cuckoo Farm and six more times we’ve conceded the first goal.  I’m sure that when I look at the video screen now it already has 0-1 etched onto it.  We need a screen saver!

img_1709_webIn the second half I felt the urge to concentrate on the sky for quite a while.  There were some interesting cloud formations which helped to pass the time.  There were some fluffy movements and a little dark stuff to be seen, but I can’t remember now if that was the game or the sky – everything went into soft focus for most of the second half.


For a moment I was sure I saw a pig flying past and then it jumped over the moon, but of course I may have been mistaken.  It was difficult to concentrate when the video screen effectively gave me a second helping of not-very-much-at-all.  At least it gave me some time to think about the state of the nation, the financial climate, world peace, anything but football really.


I did glance back in time to see a bit of a cat-fight at one stage but it didn’t really justify the purchase of a ticket. By the time I got my camera out the handbags had been put away and the players had resorted to a spot of name-calling and nasty glances at each other.  I don’t even think the ref felt it was worth making any notes.  In fact if we were still there while I’m writing this blog later in the evening, and the away team are on their way home I don’t think Colchester would have got anywhere near an equaliser.  Oh well, it’s George’s boys next week.


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