Game 22 – Brighton

img_1731_webDire.  We used to have a player with a name that sounded like this.  Paul Dyer.  Always entertaining.  We could do with someone of his stature now.  Is he still chief scout?  I think he’s got a big job on his hands. We need a lot more players. Players who want to wear the Colchester shirt.  Players who want to play FOR Colchester and the people of Colchester.  I think that’s what’s missing from the game at large.  Too many transfers and you have players who don’t really identify with the town or city they now represent.  How many of our regulars were born in Colchester, or Essex even?  I’ll stretch to London if that makes it any easier.  It’s especially true in the higher divisions and it’s starting to creep down into our level.  Yes, I have to admit we are currently playing at the correct level for our overall performances.  We may fancy ourselves as a Championship outfit with our new stadium but we need to string a few more wins together and put in performances that will bring the fans back.

img_1736_webDesperate.  There was only one team desperate enough to make a game of it this afternoon.  It doesn’t really say much for Brighton that they managed to walk away with a 1-0 win since we weren’t competing with them.  What a load of tripe we were dished up today.  It’s difficult to stomach rubbish like this.    No tackles, no sensible passing, no effort, no teamwork.  Just a load of long balls to no-one and nowhere in particular.  Oh the joys of League One football.  Brighton were clearly intent on time wasting from the outset.  Their keeper was lucky not to be booked for spending so long over every  goal kick.  He even dropped to the ground on one occasion after  he clearly caught a ball with his eyes shut.

img_1743_webDreary.  The announcement of the day came with about 15 minutes to go.  “The Ticket Office is open after the game.”  This made the home fans smile for the first time this afternoon.  What for they asked – ‘Refunds?’.   The worst announcement was accompanied by the realisation that we had 4 minutes of added time.   Not another four minutes of this?  I was going to describe the fact that we were getting that Layer Road feeling back again – two balls out of the ground today, South and East.  At least at Layer Road we had some fans singing, even when weren’t winning. Today the stewards were doing their best to upset the E8 crowd.  It was obvious from all round the ground that the home and away fans were being treated differently.  This is OUR HOME GROUND for crying out loud!

img_1750_webDoom and gloom.  Inevitably the fans were starting to blame Lambert and he received a few choice comments with the obligatory boos at the end.  Listening to the post match interview it seems he accepts this.  Let’s hope he sticks to his word and gets rid of the worst of the squad this summer.  Sadly I wonder if management and fans have the same idea over what makes a good squad.  The fans want players they can relate to.  Someone who will show loyalty to the club and become part of the community.  I don’t see a lot of it here at the moment.

Disaster.  The season is officially a disaster as the other team in Essex will now finish above us.  It’s getting tight on whether Geraint Williams’ Orient may join them in leapfrogging us.  That would be a result for George, but a hard pill to swallow for those at Cuckoo Farm.  There’s only one word for this afternoon’s experiences – Difficult.


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2 Responses to “Game 22 – Brighton”

  1. Daniel Jolly Says:

    Hi Cuckoo

    Saw your comment on Tom Fordyce’s The Marvellous, Magical, Mad Football League Tour – part II blog under the username of festina_lente. After looking at your blogs, I can safely say that it is nice to have a colchester fan who talks some honesty and sense.

    My enquiry is regarding other matters though. I run a Colchester United fans site at, and as well as being administrator for the site, I am the one and only writer.

    I am keen to recruit people into writing for the site and I would be very keen to recruit you if you would like to write for the site, as I really like your writing style and no holds barred approach to writing about the club.

    Please contact me as soon as possible.


    Daniel Jolly

    • firstcuckoo Says:

      Hello Daniel,
      Thanks for the comments and the invitation. Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I prefer to remain blogging on this site. Good luck with your own venture.

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