Game 23 – Peterborough

img_3085_webA great quote in the media this week from Alan Maybury.  Something to the effect that we don’t want away fans celebrating promotion on OUR patch.  That’s the first time I’ve heard one of the players refer to Cuckoo Farm as ‘Home’.  Most of this season they have been playing like the away team, and the fans for the most part have felt like the away support.   Unfortunately Maybury’s passion for his home turf wasn’t translated into direct action today as he wasn’t in the squad.  In the squad was Clive Platt for first time in three weeks and his name was greeted with boos.  Actually it was the away fans that started it, but their dislike of him was far greater than the home fans’ admiration.  Perhaps there’s something significant about that.

img_3028_webOn the subject of absentees, with a virus rampaging through the ranks Captain Hammond also wasn’t fit for duty today but he was on hand to receive his Player of Season trophy.  Tierney was my choice.  He has shown the positive approach to the game that the rest would do well to copy.  On the subject of ‘player of the season’ it seems we have a home winner, an away winner, a young player, a Hospital Radio choice (I thought Gillespie might have earned that one, but Baldwin got it for the number of opposition players he sent to hospital).

img_3050_webThis was probably the best away team performance of the season that we have seen at Cuckoo Farm.  All credit to Peterborough for their entertaining style of play and clearly some of the key Ferguson genes have passed from father to son.  Let’s hope some of the managerial style and luck has rubbed off in the embrace between today’s two managers at the start of the game.  The away fans deserved their success and although it was hard to swallow, at the end of the game they deserved their win, thoroughly deserved their promotion and I wish them all the best in the Championship next season.

img_3104_webI hate statistics really, but this is now the 15th time we have conceded the opening goal at home this season and the 9th time we have lost 0-1, in fact 4 times in a row.   To rub salt into the wound a local business is once again allowed to sponsor the away goal.  When will the club learn?  Who wants to support an organisation that gets a kick out of their local team taking a beating?  Mind you, it woud be good if the home team could actually score a goal!  Maybe the next home game will see a change in our fortunes?  Or maybe not!


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