Cuckoo FarmThe comparison with the final game three years ago wasn’t lost on many people.  Three years ago we needed a point from the final game at Yeovil to secure automatic promotion.  We got it and another chapter in the U’s history was written.  For the current chapter, the result, a 2-0 win, is nothing more than a reflection of what has been happening most of the season – saving the best performances for the away games.  It did push us back into the top half of the table so we finish in 12th place.  Firmly in the middle of the table, but on a positive note we are in the top half!  That’s also thanks to Stockport going into administration this week and having 10 points deducted, otherwise we would have been top of the bottom half of the table.

We are in something of a pivotal position with goal difference of absolutely zero.  It’s like sitting on the fence really – are we a top half team or a bottom half team?  Well, during this season we have been both.  Our away record is better than Leeds and Scunthorpe who both finished in the play-offs.   Our home form is the second worst in the division, and we have scored the least number of home goals – 21 in 23 games.  Talk about a Jeckyll and Hyde season.  We really didn’t know who was going to turn up for games at times.

I’ll wait a couple of weeks before speculating on the anticipated summer clearout, although the rumours are that the taxis are parked outside with the postcode of certain players already set in the satnav.   In one or two instances I’d even offer to pay the fare, except that I feel I’ve paid enough into their purses this season.  There have been a few movements since that game three years ago.  Only 4 of the Colchester squad turned out for both games – Gerken, Izzet and Vernon plus Cousins on the bench.  For Yeovil not one name survives from that game.  An indication of the state of the game today?  I wonder how many were in the crowd on both dates?

Congratulations to Leicester and Peterborough for earning automatic promotion.  We’ll see who joins them soon, and who replaces them even sooner.  At the other end we now know that Wycombe (Paul Lambert’s old club) will be joining us along with Brentford and Exeter.


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