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Game 13 – Cheltenham

17 January, 2009

img_1467_webIt’s all about targets now. Setting ourselves small, but realistic, targets for every couple of weeks. Next one is to overhaul Leeds, which also demonstrates the fact that it’s useful to make each target doubly satisfying.  For instance, moving up the table combined with watching Southend drop Way Down below us was almost heaven.   Speaking of which, there was collective gasp of surprise around the ground when the name of one of the Cheltenham players was announced today.  Elvis was in the stadium.   Sadly for the opposition, today was Heartbreak Hotel and All Shook Up after going a goal up and then conceding three.

img_1475_webSomething was wrong with the scoreboard today.  I have a Suspicion the operator was playing one of those sliding puzzle games and it wasn’t until half time that he found the missing piece and we had something to broadcast what was happening on the pitch – which wasn’t much in the first half.   My son wondered if the U’s practice scoring goals – he missed the Carlisle game and has lost the knack of celebrating a good crop of goals in a home game.  Not any more.

img_1470_webCheltenham’s keeper had a nightmare today, especially in the second half.  Clearly he’d lost his Good Luck Charm and after a few misplaced hooks and slices from set pieces as well as back passes he felt the full attention of the home crowd for the last half hour.  He was taunted every time the ball came near him and he didn’t disappoint us.  Nothing went right for him.  The crowd was Always on his Mind.  I hope he has a great season from now on.

img_1469_webIn the second half Cheltenham brought on their Devil in Disguise.  Finnegan came on just after the hour mark and lasted just 11 minutes, picking up two yellow cards for rash tackles and was sent on his way – meaning the ref had A Little Less Conversation for the remainder of the match.   I have to say now it feels like home at last.  Even Dean Hammond remarked on this when interviewed on BBC Essex later on.  It was especially enjoyable walking down United Way after the game where the atmosphere was brighter than usual.   That’s The Wonder of the U’s!


New Era

11 October, 2008

Despite some of the comments I’ve been reading on the CUFC message board I’m pleased with the appointment of the new manager.  I think that Paul Lambert will fit the role really well.  He has a great footballing pedigree and I can see him going a lot further in the game.  I’d be more than happy for Colchester United to be the jewel in his crown when he applies for a top job one day.  Hopefully we will see an immediate change in the way the squad is made up, organised and sent out onto the field.

Strip the squad down to its bare essentials and then build it up again as it should be.  In fact I think it may already have started, judging by this view of the front window of the club shop.  That must be three of the players allocated to ‘other duties’.  Who could blame the management after another up and down performance at Cheltenham.  I hesitate to refer to any other team as ‘lowly’ since each time they beat us we end up below them, and this week was no different.  Yet again we get ourselves a handsome lead and blow it.

The radio commentary took us through the full range of emotions.  3-1 up and it was all Colchester.  There’s ony one team in it today.  Colchester are walking it through.  There’ll be more goals for sure.  Oh, yes there were more.  Perhaps the players were listening to the commentary too, and forgot they had a match to finish off.  At 3-3 there was the tiniest hope of snatching a victory amidst all the disappointment, but I would have settled for another draw snatched from the jaws of victory.  But no, after 5 minutes of added time we let them snatch the winner and the whole damn thing has been a wasted effort.

New day Monday, new manager, new era.