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Game 20 – Crewe

14 March, 2009

img_1640_webI felt confident about today’s game.  We were due a real cracker and Crewe were going to feel the  force of a team in full flight.  This was going to be a good day at Cuckoo Farm. Even the new scoreboard made the place feel brighter and the first ten minutes of play suggested that we were going to get a hat full of goals. Flowing play from back to front.  Intricate team passing.  Dangerous crosses from both wings.  Oh yes, the scene was set and we were in for a treat.  Even the weather was better than it has been since, … well since Layer Road I reckon.  Here endeth the dream!

img_1636_webOh yes – the new scoreboard.  I was going to call it a video screen but I can’t recall seeing much in the way of moving images on it.  Certainly the score didn’t move much, and on the one occasion that it did we weren’t too happy about it.  Never mind, the club got their advertising revenue from the goal sponsor!  Can you imagine that?  The club gets paid when the team lets in goals!  Well it’s a bigger screen than before and I’m sure we’ll see some innovative creations on it in time.

img_1634_webThe standard of play was so desperate after we went  the goal behind that I think Paul Lambert was even considering whether he ought to make a comeback himself.  He probably wouldn’t do much worse than a few of our lot did today.  The old bad habits creeping back towards the end of the game.  Lack of passing between team mates.  Running the ball into nowhere.  ‘Hoofing’ the ball upfield in the hope that it will find one of ours. The confidence drained away as soon as we conceded the goal really.  The effect it had on the crowd was much the same.  With 20 minutes left a steady dribble towards the exits – maybe if we could harness the discipline of that dribble and teach it to the players?


Up the junction

13 September, 2008

On paper it looked a dead cert.   Crewe only had one win in the league to their credit so far (as did the U’s!), and the position of their manager was looking dodgy before the game.  We certainly have a way of making things difficult for ourselves.  Already we have the sinking feeling and we are supposed to be one of the favourites to bounce back into the Championship.  A few places off the bottom once again.  The train is rolling backwards.

The worst part of it all was the fact that BBC Essex chose to send a ‘new voice’ up there to cover the game and then decided that the home game at Southend was more interesting to broadcast for the second half.  I guess the results proved this to be a successful strategy but it does show that even your local media will only ‘sing when we’re winning’.  To add insult to injury they have to add in a bit of music every so often, presumably to keep non-footie fans happy.  It just doesn’t work.  The end result is that they will lose both audiences.  Neither will purchase the subscription to the online commentaries, which I suspect is one of the motivations for this.   On this occasion I transferred my allegiance to Sky Sports and watched Essex win the second division Pro40 cricket title.

Gilly seems to want to play as few games as possible this season.  With injuries and now a dismissal to his credit you’d be forgiven for thinking that as leading goalscorer he’s giving the rest of the team the chance to catch up – mind you with 3 goals in competitive matches it’s not much to aim at.  I challenge him to set the target much, much, much higher – please!

Looking at the League table and seeing Millwall in the top places makes you realise we did get quite a remarkable win at The New Den in the paint pot trophy recently.  Well, we have to use something to build up the enthusiasm for the upcoming matches, especially as MK Dons have just been promoted and we don’t want to be seen to be swapping places with them over the course of two seasons – or is that just negative thinking?  Come on lads – give us something to cheer about.