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A Question of Intention

11 April, 2009

img_0409_webPaul Lambert has always been keen to remind us that his aim was for Championship football next season.  A careful analysis of his statements will show that the name of Colchester United hasn’t always figured in the same sentence.  I’m not questioning his commitment or loyalty and I accept that his ultimate aim must be to manage a top club or even his country, however I wonder if we are just a stepping stone on his path to success.  My thinking here is furthered by his appearance on A Question of Sport on Friday (10th April) when he was introduced as a European Cup medal winner with Borussia Dortmund, and some footage of his Celtic playing days was shown.  No mention of his move into management, and no mention  of Colchester.   Maybe I’m reading too much into all this and maybe this latest event is just an example of the control and manipulation of the media in what they promote.  After all, how could they show this episode again when Lambert is managing his national team at some stage in the future?  It’s far better to concentrate on something more fashionable of course, and the truth is that Colchester just aren’t in that league.

img_0421_webWhich brings me on to the match at Orient.  This was the first meeting with previous manager Geraint Williams.  ‘George’ is having a successful time at Brisbane Road since his return and I’m really pleased for him.  I’m sort of pleased he ended up happy with today’s result as it did him more good than it did us harm.  Last week I was complaining at how many times we have gone down 0-1 at home.  This week my gripe is that we seem to relinquish the lead away from home too often.  Eight times we have squandered an away lead and only once recovered to take all the points.  Surely the players must know by now that we are at our most vulnerable just after scoring a goal?  Four games to go and nothing to play for.


First Trophy

7 February, 2009

img_1173_webAlthough today’s game has been a victim of the mild wintry conditions affecting most of the country we do have the chance to sit back and reflect on our best run of form for some time and with it we have our first trophy of the season.  The Coca Cola League One Manager of the Month for January 2009 is …..  Paul Lambert.  About time too.  He has brought about a complete change of attitude by most of the squad (as well as a change of significant members of the squad) and our results have seen us rise from a miserable 23rd after the MK Dons home defeat to the current 11th place.  It’s a great foundation on which to build the rest of the season, and I’m already feeling that the tone of my postings in this blog is much more positive than at any other time in the last two seasons.

img_0723_webIt is also worth mentioning that our former boss, Geraint (George) Williams has returned to football, taking the vacant post at Leyton Orient.  I hope we give him a miserable day at Easter when we visit him in his new home, but apart from that I wish him all the best for the rest of the season.  His results there will be a testament to his true ability and I hope he is afforded a level of loyalty that he deserves.  I’ll be watching their results with interest for the remainder of the campaign.

Farewell to a Gentleman

22 September, 2008

There was a sombre atmosphere hanging over Cuckoo Farm after the match on Saturday. As it turns out Geraint Williams had probably already decided he was on the move. His body language on the day told it all. He had his arms crossed for most of the match, and only unfolded them when some idiots in the West Stand were being restrained by stewards, and GW beckoned them forward to speak their mind. Even to the end he was prepared to tolerate even the most insulting behaviour from the fans who supposedly worshipped him less than two years earlier.

It’s a pity he couldn’t walk out himself when we went two-nil down. I guess the walkout by several hundred was a protest against GW, and it would have been ironic if he had beaten them out of the door. Mind you, in reality he probably had.

What a load of crap being spouted on some message boards now, begging for Parky to return. They’ll be asking for Kevin Keegan next. It seems the disloyal following would be happy to accommodate a disloyal manager. Maybe we should try to re-sign Doogie and all the rest who abandoned us in the last year or so. While we’re at it let’s go back to Layer Road and rebuild a new stadium on the site of past memories. Give it up – we’ve moved on.

I hope the mindless idiots who called for his head so vociferously will be sleeping soundly now that they have their way. It’s the players that need to be sorted out. I’d put money on a few moving on under new management. I get the feeling even GW’s hands were tied on that score.

I wish GW all the best in his future career. He’s a top bloke and deserves success in the game. Our loss, someone else’s gain. Farewell to a Gentleman.