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Cup Run Continues

7 October, 2008

Like many others I’d rather trade this cup run for some league results, although I have to confess that the Cup runs in 2006 were inspired by a team performing in the league as well, resulting in promotion. Perhaps we can take heart from that, but a 1-0 away win at League Two Gillingham for the second time this season doesn’t really do anything for my thoughts on the general state of the club. An occasional set piece goal from an individual who does little else for the team isn’t going to translate into points when we need them, unless of course the defence plays a blinder week after week.

A couple of away games coming up during a period when we will finally get to see who has been chosen as the replacement for GW. PP is not my first choice, even though it seems he might be available and there is an increasing voice in favour. Although AC might be good for us I can’t see him dropping this low so soon after leaving the Premiership. There are loads of other contenders out there who I’d also not want to see at the club, like IH who talks too much, or TS who didn’t make enough of an impression here as a player. What the players need is someone to give them a good roasting. Now, there’s an idea – Gary Rhodes. He’s free now that he’s been ‘released’ from Strictly Come Dancing! We could do worse, couldn’t we?


At Last, a Cup Run

14 August, 2008

Great result against the Gills. Not only did we win, but we kept a clean sheet and we are now on our first cup run in three years. A clean sheet! When was the last of those you may ask. Well, it wasn’t that long ago actually – 5th April this year. It’s worth a mention because we beat the tractor boys 2-0 at Layer Road. You have to go back to 25th August 2007 for the previous one to that, 3-0 away at Preston.

Talking of the tractor boys, they are our prize for having dispatched the Gills in the Carling Cup. How about that then? It’s a shame we can’t have them at home, but perhaps we’ll get drawn against them again in the FA Cup later in the season. You never know!

First home league game at Cuckoo Farm coming up this weekend. I wonder how big a crowd we’ll get? Surely we must get somewhere near capacity for the first one.