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What if … … forget it!

3 March, 2009

Night viewIt’s fortunate that our recent run of bad form didn’t see us drop much in the table.  12th place is a good position from which to launch a positive push to the end of the season.  The win against Stockport pushed us up to 11th for a few days but the subseqent draw against Hartlepool and today’s draw against Huddersfield have seen us consolidate in 12th place but with Southend breathing heavily down our necks.  Strangely we seem to be getting closer to the play-off places, in terms of points difference, even when we don’t win.  It’s something to do with the fact that the teams above us are also having a season of mixed fortunes.

Not all the games are going our way and in discussion with others there’s a the temptation to speculate about missed chances and near misses, and of course those lucky breaks for the opposition.  If only the ball had run in our favour.  What if Platt had been able to trap the ball?  If Yeatsey’s cross had been a bit lower.   What planet was the ref on, how could he miss that?  The fact is that these emotions aren’t exclusive to the U’s fans.  Every team, every fan will have moments like this in every game and if we want to change our current position on the basis of ‘what might have been’ then we also have to accept that the same has to be true for every other team, and maybe it will turn out that they’ve been even unluckier than us – although I doubt it.

Anyway the bottom line is ‘forget it’ and get on with creating new chances for us and bad luck for the others.  Accept the bad refereeing decisions in our favour with good grace.  What is most important is that the players don’t forget to keep on trying to the end of the game.  This proved our saviour today with the skipper’s late free-kick equaliser in added time.  Who’s next?


Game 01 – Huddersfield

16 August, 2008

Funny how a bigger stadium can make a large crowd look small. The attendance today was 5340 which is a good crowd in comparison to previous seasons, but there were some big gaps. One of the amazing things was how much noise the crowd generated, especially when East, North and West stands chanted / sang in unison. There’s still a bit more work to be done before we can enter ‘Last Choir Standing‘. We need a choirmaster – any volunteers?

I was confused by the colour of the away team’s shirts. They were sort of gold, but perhaps not bright enough, so perhaps they had a bit of silver mixed in, or maybe they were bronze. I guess you could call them an olympic pic’n’mix. I had hoped to remark that on the result of this game we took the Gold medal and Huddersfield the Silver – but a 0-0 bore draw doesn’t produce any winners.

The game did have its Olympic moments. Gymnastics took centre stage. Yeates hit the bar and ran rings round himself and we produced two Matts in our line up. There was a regular supply of diving, occasionally synchronised with the referee’s whistle, and plenty of wrestling that the officials ignored. The ref got involved in lots of rowing (you need to pronounce this correctly). Several players put their shot(s) wide of the mark and at half time an archery target appeared on the field. Sadly absent was the 100 metre sprint (upfield) and lots of shooting. I’m sure there are lots more events that others can think up along these lines.

The half time entertainment involved a golfer and our very own David Perkins aiming their balls at the target on the halfway line. A commentary on what they were actually trying to do would have been good, and maybe an explanation of how they chose the winner. Despite that I think this could be a better time waster than the shed and wall of previous seasons.

A lot of the old chants and songs emerged throughout the game, but the one thing that can’t be replicated is the stamping of feet on the wooden floor during the preparation for corners and free-kicks. Sadly the lack of goals also meant that the Layer Road Cheerful couldn’t express the full range of emotions associated with a good game of football. In the New Barside (East) the residents stood up throughout the game. Old habits die hard!

I think I missed the safety announcements. Maybe we don’t now have to remain calm or await further instructions, although I guess they are still thinking about what things to warn us about. The steps in the stands are pretty steep so perhaps we need to be warned about that.

As for the game, it was overawed by the occasion. The players didn’t seem to fight hard enough, often enough, and it was all rather flat at the end. There didn’t seem to be a desire to win the ball back or make the most of promising positions. In Olympic terms it was all a bit like today’s sailing competition – canceled due to lack of wind.