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New Faces

21 March, 2009

img_0427_webHardly a week has gone by without some change in the squad.  This week we see three new players join us and one depart on loan.  Two of the new boys started today, Karl Hawley and Neal Trotman, (and the third, Ashley Vincent is already injured) while Scott Vernon departed on loan to Northampton and promptly scored a goal on his debut!  We nearly stole all three points at the Walker Stadium today but let Leicester back into the game for a draw.   I guess that we might have settled for this result before the game but after hearing how many chances we squandered it leaves you feeling that we dropped two points.

I feel the need to jot down a few notes on the comings and goings so far this season.  Since the first game we have seen:

img_0428_webGary Borrowdale (appropriate name!) on loan from Coventry (5 games then called back).

Sam Williams – on loan from Aston Villa – (3 games then called back).

Lee Hills – on loan from Crystal Palace (2 games – then injured).

Jermaine Easter – on loan from Plymouth (5 games – then injured)

Jimmy Walker – on loan from West Ham (15 games then called back)

Mark Tierney – on loan from Shrewsbury  – then signed.

Alan Maybury – signed after trial.

Jamie Guy – back from loan at Oxford – then loaned to Daggers after one game.

Sunday-Akanni Wasiu – loaned to Luton – and came back.img_0428_web

Lewis Gobern – on loan from Wolves.

Dean Gerken – loaned to Darlington – and called back.

Simon Hackney – signed from Carlisle.

Matt Lockwood – out on loan to Barnet.

Matt Heath – out on loan to Brighton.

Ashley Vincent – on loan from Cheltenham – already injured.

Neal Trotman – on loan from Preston.

Karl Hawley – on loan from Preston.

Scott Vernon – out on loan to Northampton.

img_0431_webThat’s 18 changes in about 6 months (12 in and 6 out).   Add the managerial changes, the Chief Exec’s departure, the injuries and suspensions to Gillespie especially (as well as  many others), and international duty for Coyne,  it shows that this has been little more than fantasy football.  No wonder the crowds have been so variable as well.  We can’t expect a consistent attendance until we get consistency in the team.


Game 04 – Leicester

30 September, 2008

Our first evening league match at Cuckoo Farm and Leicester are the opposition.  I’ve been wondering for ages what it is about the ground that really feels different.  It’s the fact that the home fans are so thinly spread around that we feel like the away fans.  We can’t get a good song together like at Layer Road.  It was easier there because you could almost talk to each other across the ground.  I fear that until we really start to feel comfortable at Cuckoo farm we will actually behave like away supporters.  That happened tonight.  The thousand odd away fans were bunched together and sang with one voice.  It’s been true of most of the travelling bands.

There was of course one spell when the players forgot the bad stuff and started stroking the ball around from side to side, end to end, and more importantly to each other.  Sadly it lasted only around 10 minutes late in the first half but it was reminiscent of the first Championship season when it seemed to happen every game.  You could tell that the home fans were bursting to get behind the team and for a while anything seemed possible.  Leicester, on the other hand, were content to bore us into the interval.

In the second half the game livened up at times, but players in both teams seemed to lose the plot a bit.  Only Yeates with another bit of carpentry was able to get us excited when he hit the woodwork.  Even bookings hold no fear for some players these days.  It’s like an award and occasionally some of them have to do something daft to get one or they will get criticised by the boss for not being competitive enough.

Talking of The Boss.  Symons didn’t get the result he needed tonight.  He seemed to start well and was actively trying to motivate a few players but he quickly drifted into the ‘arms folded’ pose with occasional scribbles on his scrap of paper (shopping list or transfer list?).

A dreadful series of players backing away from a fast Leicester break led to the only goal and that was the story of last season all over again.  It’s about time the players started to get stuck in and really earn their bookings.  It’s about time they started to compete for the ball.

I take back all I said about the E8 New Barside at the MK Dons game.  They can be just as disloyal as the rest.  Tonight they were the first to vacate the ground and we were only a goal down, and to be fair the team were trying to get back into it.  Maybe we should cram the home fans into West and North stands and make the away fans spread themselves around East.  Maybe then it would feel like we are the home team.  Maybe then we’d get together behind the team and maybe we’d get a home win.  It’s about time.