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Matchday Experience

22 November, 2008


So the club are entering into dialogue with a few fans about the ‘matchday experience’. It seems that some fans are surprised by this? The message board on the club website often sees disgruntled supporters airing their views, especially when the match results are not favourable. It’s amazing how little the fans have to talk about when a club is successful. I hope the club get something valuable out of consulting with a small group of supporters. The real problem is that there aren’t enough of us in the ground each week. It doesn’t take much to work out how to address that. £££


Atmosphere . That’s the thing that’s missing. At the Carlisle game there was an atmosphere and it was catching. All three stands with home supporters got into the spirit of things. True, it took a couple of home goals to spark it all off, but once the fuse had been lit then there was no stopping things. Even in the deserted North Stand we heard some evidence of life after Layer Road. The away fans have always been able to create an atmosphere because they are all squeezed together down in the South. It always used to be that home fans preferred to gather behind one of the goals. Even at Layer Road, in the days before segregation and lock-ins, the Layer Road end was the home patch. Why no more? Let’s hit back from the other end at Cuckoo Farm. We need to fill the North Stand. Let’s be honest. E8 isn’t the best example of a crowd gathering. It’s just a handful of stood-up supporters getting antagonised by a few stewards. Barside it aint. Barside was so very Layer Road. Barside is gone. Move on up. Let’s liven up the North End. The faithful can taunt the travelling fans from there just as easily. The message board suggests that quite a few in E8 would be happy to transfer their season tickets to the North. It would be a foolish club that sought to make any profit from that or even penalise those who wanted to make the move. Make it so!

How about the prices? The faithful will always cough up the dosh sadly. I count myself in that. I like to watch this level of football. There are a large number however who just can’t afford to finance the lavish lifestyle of those who should be entertaining us. The club has listened to the fans once before on the pricing issue. Why not again? At the moment the club have to make it attractive to people who might be thinking of coming along if there’s nothing else to do. Let’s face it, there’s Christmas shopping to compete with for the next month as well. We’ve got three home games before then. We need a reason to celebrate. Let’s start the season of goodwill early and make some outrageous offers to the missing fans. I know it might hurt those who have already shelled out for season tickets, but that’s almost hard luck on us – how about rewarding us next season with a suitable discount for having shown the loyalty in the first place?

I’ll finish this with a picture of a full North Stand. OK it was the Under 19 international, but that’s what it needs to look like all the time. I’m sure the players will respond in their performances if there’s a welcoming support from that end. The trouble is that things have to happen in the right order. You can’t expect the fans to get excited first while the players aren’t performing, or part with hard earned cash before the club makes an effort. If you want something Colchester United then give something.