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Seat of Learning

12 January, 2009

img_0195_webMilton Keynes is the home of the Open University.  Well, tonight we taught the Dons a lesson.  We didn’t win it, but you have to admire the grit and determination shown by the whole team.  At the end it was MK Dons who were pleased with a draw – at home!  I watched game live on TV as it was Sky’s featured Monday night match.  A great advert for League One.  MK Dons have been in their new stadium for about 18 months now and they seem to be having similar problems to those we experienced at the start of this season.  Their home record is worse than their away record ever since they moved, yet they won the League Two title last year in their first season in the new ground.  Maybe we can learn something from them?

img_0850_webTime-wasting has been one of my main gripes at home this season.  So many teams come to Cuckoo Farm hoping for a draw from the outset.  Tonight we saw the home team, near the top of the table, desperate for a draw.  They have a long throw specialist in the team and he takes 20 – 30 seconds to wipe the ball and get into his groove before he even delivers the ball back into play.  Of course the referee doesn’t spot the obvious time-wasting and I reckon the viewers (many more than were actually in attendance) were deprived of a good 10 minutes of playing time as a result.  I think the match officials need to go back to school, get round a table and learn their trade a bit a better.  It’s all very well getting stroppy with the keepers when they take their time with a bit of gardening, but a throw-in is supposed to be a quick return to play.  … I’ve taken too much time over this little rant so I’ll move on as well.

Surprisingly this was our first match of the new year (following a few degrees of frost a week or so ago) and it bodes well for the future.


Game 03 – MK Dons

20 September, 2008

First of all the good news.  The stadium IS officially the home of Colchester United and contrary to popular belief you can see it from the A12 (if you are travelling west to east). The badge is quite impressive and I’m told it will look even better at evening games.  The game started on time as well, and we had a bigger attendance than last time (4,888 according to official figures).  I believe the local MP also managed to find his way there today.  Perhaps he saw the badge and was surprisingly drawn to it.

The visitors brought a band of 450 and if there was a competition between the fans they won it easily.  I know it’s probably a case of ‘only sing when you’re winning’ but they were in our ears for the whole game folks and we didn’t counter with anything worthwhile.  I guess it akes a performance on the pitch to stir up the enthusiasm and we weren’t given much to raise the pulse.  Yes, we hit a post and there was a moment when it looked like Sunday had arrived early, but he was still living in Friday-land.  The visiting manager attracted more attention most of the time and seemed to be more energetic as the game progressed.  di Matteo managed to provide his players with drinks during frequent stoppages but ours kept his arms folded and looked like he was rooted to the spot for most of the game.

Sadly a large proportion of ‘alleged’ United supporters weren’t quite as stationary late in the second half and decided to register their protest by walking out at 0-2.  Quite childish behaviour really and they could have missed a great comeback.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  There was no danger of a comeback.  There was nowhere to come back from.  We weren’t anywhere.  When I say ‘we’ I have to include the home fans too, myself included.  At Layer Road we had at least four sets of vocal support in various terraces and they all occasionally combined into a performance of concert hall proportions.

Now we’ve got a stadium worthy of holding pop concerts only E8 can stand up to be counted. I take my hat off to the New Barside.  They were in good voice before AND after the opening goal in the second minute but the cavalry never came to their rescue and they had to satisfy themselves with jeering at the away crowd.  I have to say I didn’t sense them losing faith in the team at any stage – well certainly not as much as most other sections in the ground.

The new badge stands for E8 this week.