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Dream evaporates

28 March, 2009

home_emptyThis was probably the game that sealed our fate for this season.  At a time when we needed to gain ground on the teams above us and with only a few games left it’s unlikely that we can make the play-offs.  I have difficulty accepting the radio commentator’s view today that Colchester had the best of the game.  We lost 3-0!  In my book that means Scunthorpe had the best of it.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that the other teams won’t win any more games, even if we win the rest of ours. Anyway it’s a been a great recovery from a poor start and on the back of last season’s disappointment it’s something to celebrate.

I’d like to be able to say we have a settled squad on which to base our future but as I said in the last entry here there have been so many players in and out it’s been difficult to know who our ‘first eleven’ are.  For instance, Chris Coyne is still writing a regular column in the matchday programme as club captain, but he hasn’t skippered the team on the pitch since, … whenever.


Game 11 – Scunthorpe

20 December, 2008

img_2911_webScunthorpe, having dropped with us from the Championship, are going well near the top of the table but we needed to avenge last season’s home defeat. As it turned out we shared the honours and we are STILL stuck in 16th place in the table for the fourth week in a row and after three different results. I’m getting worried about this. We are in a rut.  We need to get out of this before it gets too mucky and we slide deeper.

img_2973_webMind you it was an entertaining game and I have to give a certain amount of credit to Scunthorpe for this. This was probably the first time this season that a team has come to Cuckoo Farm with the intention of playing football. That doesn’t always make it a good match or a fair result but today I think we got both. Testament to this was the fact that there was plenty of singing around the ground and someone near me remarked that even the West Stand came alive. Compared to recent performances where we didn’t know what to do in the last third of the field, today we got a bit further and lost the plot on occasions in the final sixth of the field. Perhaps next time?

img_2994_webYou just knew it was going to remain goal-less early on when Plattypus flicked the ball away from Scott Vernon when the number 24 was on the verge of slotting one home. The jitters in the final sixth were affecting the opposition too – a young lad up front named Gary Hooper , who hails from Loughton as it turns out and has played for Grays and Southend, missed a couple of sitters throughout the game. Well done lad – you know where you hail from.

img_2999_webI was a bit worried about a helicopter that came by during the second half. The pilot chose to fly directly above the stadium – surely that’s a problem for the safety officer on the ground. It looked like it landed nearby. Maybe I was mistaken. I thought it was a chopper, but perhaps, just perhaps it was … No it couldn’t have been, it came from the South. At this time of year we look for our special arrivals to come from the North (Gillespie’s a scouser, Lambert’s a Scot, Vernon from Blackpool) although a few people may have been excited by the arrival of some santas at half time. What chance the chopper contained … a new player? One that will sign a long contract, remain loyal to the club, immediately link up with existing players, score goals, never get injured … OK, I’m wishing for too much. On that subject I have to commend the article by ‘carbon dioxide’ on page 33 of the U’s Review today. I wholeheartedly agree with what’s said about supporting the smaller teams.

img_2970_web2Towards the end of the match the fourth official showed a bit of inspiration when he held up a sign that indicated my preferred strike pairing, but the management seem to think they can’t play both of these together. I’m not sure the officials should be this intelligent but it does show how desperate we are getting in that department. We can’t keep them, we break them when they arrive, we don’t give the better ones enough match practice and we pair them with a tall geezer who can’t trap, shield or hold the ball.

So, how do we get out of 16th place? It’s easy really. Home goals, home wins, string a few together and what have you got? 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, … who knows where it will end.