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Snow Joke

28 October, 2008

There’s not a lot you can say when a game is called off because they couldn’t find a ball that would show up against the snow.    Well, that’s how it was broadcast at first on local radio.  Surely there’s a sports shop in Northampton that sells different coloured balls.  What happened to the days when the local community mucked in and helped to clear the pitch?  It wouldn’t have taken long and I’m sure the travelling Us support would also have helped out.  The ground underneath can’t have been that hard.

Back home in Essex we had hailstones the size of, well … sherbert pips actually, but after a lengthy shower it looked like snow had landed.

In the end it appears that both clubs were happy to call the game off.  I guess it’s better than having to stop mid-game because you find the conditions are not to the players’ liking.  It is their bones that are liable to break after all.  Not much fun for those who journeyed up there and had to turn around and come straight back.  Hopefully they had some soccer on the radio to keep them company on the way home.