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Game 17 – Stockport

24 February, 2009

img_1571_webSecond home game this week and still another one to come on Saturday.  It was make or break today after three consecutive losses it was a test of character tonight.  It’s a time to test the nerve and fitness of anyone, but tonight would show who was prepared to stand up and be counted.  Who can face the music after some disappointing results and still make their presence felt?  Well, I’ve come to accept that nothing is certain in this game, but the club were perhaps expecting a little too much from their stalwarts tonight. I’m actually talking about the supporters.  Unless you’ve got a season ticket it must be financially disastrous to attempt three visits to Cuckoo Farm in a week.  As it happens it’s clear we have a hard core of support of around two and a half thousand.  There weren’t many from Stockport but as usual they huddled together at the back of the South Stand, and they made a valiant but futile attempt to rouse their team.

img_1574_webIn some respects we just about matched the away support in terms of numbers in one place.  We had pockets of fans in E8 and the family enclosure, a couple of small groups in the North Stand and a few dribbles in West.  At times however there was some near success in getting a combined chant going but not for very long.  Obviously the game’s only goal got us cheering together but not much else.  The crowd noise dynamics were quite interesting tonight.  It was quiet one moment and you could hear the players talking as though this was a reserve team game, and a cough could echo round the stadium.  The next moment the scattered few mustered a hearty growl and could sound like 5,000.

img_1580_webThe best emotion of the night was scoring an early goal.  It makes such a change to the atmosphere when we do that, and the warmth it brings on a cold evening is very welcome.  One set of circumstances did bring the whole crowd together in amazement.  In these technological days we have got used to the substitute and ‘added time’ display board being held aloft by the fourth official.  What took us all by surprise was the small piece of paper with the number 3 that was presented to indicate three minutes added time in the first half.  In the second half we looked on eagerly to see how the substitutions would be handled.  Well, it was a bit like an ice dance contest with the dancer’s score on display.  Perhaps we should bring our own cards to show the ref how we feel.  How about red and yellow cards when we feel the man in the middle isn’t sure what to do?  They have 4s and 6s in cricket – why not something for soccer?  Perhaps we need a picture of a cuckoo to hold up when we plant a goal in the other team’s nest.  Hmm,  food for thought perhaps?


Under new management

18 October, 2008

I happened to be away across the pond during the first game of the new era under Lambert and Culverhouse, but the wonders of modern technology made sure I was able to follow progress via the updates every two minutes on the BBC sport web pages. Another goal from Perky and another relinquished lead suggested not much was changing – perhaps only one player was trying as usual. Then the evidence started to appear – bookings! The players were getting stuck in and we won this aspect of the game 4-0. Stockport were content to maintain their pace as the nice guys of League One.

A winner and some six agonising minutes of added time meant the final result was late in being confirmed on the BBC web site and the sight of a lonely figure huddled in the corner of the lobby of a conference hall in Canada punching the air in glee must have attracted some curious glances. Of course this happened under the temporary arrangements as well, an away win in the first game. We need to see this result repeated at home a few times as well.