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Game 19 – Swindon

10 March, 2009

img_1622_webNot so long ago Swindon were in the Premier League conceding 100 goals in a season. I was looking forward to a few Colchester goals today, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Unfortunately, while it made for an exciting game it meant that we had to lose the lead twice before bagging the winner.  I wouldn’t describe it as a 5-goal thriller as it has been hailed in some places, but at least WE scored most of them.  It helped that we were never behind, and it helped that we scored in the first couple of minutes.

img_1628_webWhat didn’t help was the pitch.  It’s getting bad in places.  Nowhere near the mud baths we used to see at this stage of the season many years ago but after being spoiled by the lush carpet at Layer Road this one is beginning to look a little threadbare.  Still, only a few more home games and the ground staff can get to work on it during the few days that are now called a ‘close season’.  In cricketing terms we are also experiencing ‘unpredictable bounce’, a term that could also describe Colchester’s fortunes over the last few seasons.

img_1643_webTalking of unpredictable, who would have thought that Clive Platt would score in the opening two minutes two games in a row?  It gets worse.  He scored two today.  The purists among us might say that since today’s goals were both with his head that we are at last beginning to see the benefit of having a 6’4″ striker.  Only half the story in that I’m afraid.  I’d swear that for both goals the man was falling backwards and the ball managed to rebound off his head towards goal and into the net.  I know I should be more loyal about our team but my son and I seem to be the ony ones who are totally frustrated at Platt’s lack of energy, lack of movement and lack of control.  After today’s performance it’s been suggested he needs to be drug tested.  I think they’ll find nothing.

img_1617_webThe new scoreboard is nearly ready for use.   That means bigger adverts for local companies.  Does anyone else find it annoying that there is a need for a company to sponsor corner kicks?  It gets worse!  Now we have local businesses sponsoring goals scored by the opposition!  Why?  Don’t they want our business?  Why on earth would I want to spend money with a company who gets their kicks by being shoved in my face when the U’s concede a goal? I know these are desperate financial times but the club need to think seriously about where their own loyalties lay.


Away Win

23 August, 2008

Now we know what it feels like to lose, draw AND win in the league, and winning feels so much better.  Judging by the limited radio commentary available to us we were always on top and even had some match official support.  That bodes well for the rest of the season – unless of course it evens out.  It was all the better for Southend losing, and Ipswich failing in yet another home game ahead of our cup match coming up this week.  It seems as though the squad is starting to pull together and a return to the Championship might not just be the fantasy football experience of the last two seasons.