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2 May, 2009

Cuckoo FarmThe comparison with the final game three years ago wasn’t lost on many people.  Three years ago we needed a point from the final game at Yeovil to secure automatic promotion.  We got it and another chapter in the U’s history was written.  For the current chapter, the result, a 2-0 win, is nothing more than a reflection of what has been happening most of the season – saving the best performances for the away games.  It did push us back into the top half of the table so we finish in 12th place.  Firmly in the middle of the table, but on a positive note we are in the top half!  That’s also thanks to Stockport going into administration this week and having 10 points deducted, otherwise we would have been top of the bottom half of the table.

We are in something of a pivotal position with goal difference of absolutely zero.  It’s like sitting on the fence really – are we a top half team or a bottom half team?  Well, during this season we have been both.  Our away record is better than Leeds and Scunthorpe who both finished in the play-offs.   Our home form is the second worst in the division, and we have scored the least number of home goals – 21 in 23 games.  Talk about a Jeckyll and Hyde season.  We really didn’t know who was going to turn up for games at times.

I’ll wait a couple of weeks before speculating on the anticipated summer clearout, although the rumours are that the taxis are parked outside with the postcode of certain players already set in the satnav.   In one or two instances I’d even offer to pay the fare, except that I feel I’ve paid enough into their purses this season.  There have been a few movements since that game three years ago.  Only 4 of the Colchester squad turned out for both games – Gerken, Izzet and Vernon plus Cousins on the bench.  For Yeovil not one name survives from that game.  An indication of the state of the game today?  I wonder how many were in the crowd on both dates?

Congratulations to Leicester and Peterborough for earning automatic promotion.  We’ll see who joins them soon, and who replaces them even sooner.  At the other end we now know that Wycombe (Paul Lambert’s old club) will be joining us along with Brentford and Exeter.


Game 09 – Yeovil

25 November, 2008

img_1247_webAnother away loss at Peterborough at the weekend and judging by the sound of it on local radio we had our chances but blew them.  The new boy Easter (on loan in time for Christmas) made an impressive start by all accounts and we were expecting something positive to happen.  He’s got speed that’s for sure but the best thing is that the ball sticks to him when it hits him.  He knows how to trap it, head, neck, chest, body, legs, feet.  Contrast that with Plattypus who doesn’t know where the ball will end up after it comes to him (I concede that he scored our only goal at Posh with a great header).  That’s what makes it difficult to play alongside him.  Which side is the ball going to bounce, slide, glance, fall?  And how hard?  There are too many choices involved and even Sheringham last season couldn’t cope with that.

img_1254_webHaving said that, by some miracle there seemed to be a bit of a partnership evolving between Easter and Platt and that’s what brought us the goal tonight.  Fortunately Easter was given the responsibility of finishing an awkward and high pass and he got on top of it.  The other bit of teamwork that was evident was as the other end – Coyne and Baldwin, the pairing that I’m sure George Williams was hoping to develop, except for the injury problems.  The partnership between Yeates and the ball continued as normal, but sadly his teammates were rarely invited to the ball and for the most part he lost it in a crowd of opposing players that he tried to beat three times in succession.  I may have exaggerated that, but I’m sure it describes my frustration at how Yeates fails to spot the easy passes.  I wish I knew what happened on the day of the Carlisle game. I’m sure he has a twin brother who plays better than him.

img_1246_webWell, it was a bitterly cold evening and I take my hat off (perhaps I should say ‘take my gloves off’)  to the Glovers supporters from Somerset.  About 50 of them perhaps and a dozen who kept up some chanting throughout a dire game.  To come all the way from Yeovil on a cold Tuesday evening in late November and being treated to that performance by their team.  Well,  I wish them a safe journey home.  True football supporters.   It was poor turnout from the home support as well tonight.  The lights at the back of the stands didn’t seem to be in operation tonight and I wonder if that helped the stewards to overlook the standing fans in E8?

img_1222_webThe appearance of the drummer brought some atmosphere back into the event.  It helped that Yeovil had brought one too and for  while it seemed like there might be a drum competition.  In the end the fact that we all felt sorry for the away fans led to a bit of a duet between the two drummers.  It wasn’t pretty but it took the mind off what little was happening on the pitch most of the time.  Talking of music – the players entered to the sound of ‘Simply the best’.  What can you say?  Rather ambitious even if you are trying to motiviate the team.  Another candidate for consultation with the fans I suggest.  Actually it was preceded by ‘Right Here, Right Now’ and maybe that would have been a better choice.